Post-implementation support

We offer support for our Clients pertaining to day-to-day service and development of the implemented IT solutions. As the needs of our Clients change we adjust their chosen IT solutions to the new requirements. Post-implementation support also includes further training in the use of these IT solutions.

The extensive offer of post-implementation support includes:

Support in day-to-day operation

  • general support in operating the IT solution,
  • diagnosing the causes for problems with operating the solutions and aid in their removal,
  • administration and outsourcing of IT environments.


  • analyzing the changes in needs of the company,
  • aid in selecting appropriate IT solutions and development of the IT infrastructure,
  • implementation of solutions.


  • training current users,
  • training new users.

Post-implementation support is meant to increase our Clients’ confidence when operating the solution we have implemented. We want our Clients to trust the Insoft Consulting Team to be a reliable and experienced business partner. We are convinced that our extensive offer and an individual approach to each Client result in a positive change for their companies.