We implement business management systems. We offer standardised solutions, appropriately configured to meet our Clients unique needs. We have extensive experience in integrating business management systems with other software. Every project is conducted on the basis of close cooperation with the Client and is supported by a tested implementation methodology.
Insoft Consulting Implementation Methodology is a carefully developed framework for managing projects. It has evolved over the last ten years and is grounded in the experience we have gained implementing business management solutions in our Clients’ companies. This methodology outlines the stages of the implementation process as follows:

Configuration analysis

Goal: preparing a document containing a description of the way the Client’s company operates and a list of the Client’s expectations related to the implemented system.

Functional design

Goal: preparing a document detailing the way the implemented system will work – matching the Client’s expectations.


Goal: transferring the software onto the Client’s hardware.

Functional configuration

Goal: applying system configuration that reflects the specifications outlined in the design.

Data migration

Goal: Transferring a portion of the data amassed by the Client in the hereto operated IT system.

User training and personal assistance

Goal: aiding the users of the system in attaining the skills necessary for its independent operation as well as providing assistance to users in the initial period after its deployment.


Our experience from implementations to date confirms that a systematic approach for particular activities and conducting them in the proper order is vital. Working under the aforementioned methodology allows us to plan the resources required for tasks in advance. Progress can also be monitored effectively, even in very complex projects. The methodology also increases the efficiency of the Client’s implementation team.

Since business management systems frequently require proper IT infrastructure we also handle the installation and development of IT infrastructure in our Clients’ companies. Per our Clients’ request we supply and implement appropriate hardware and software or offer administration and outsourcing services for the IT environment.

We aim to establish rapport with our Clients from the very first interaction. For this reason our clients usually opt for post-implementation support offered by our company. We are proud that the business management systems we implement are a source of satisfaction to our Clients. This is best measured by their companies’ increased effectiveness, the comfort of their employees and a decreased incidence of mistakes.