About us

Insoft Consulting offers advice and implementation of IT systems. We specialise in the implementation of integrated systems for enterprise management. We offer our services to businesses that require modern IT solutions for their business activity.

We offer IT solutions that give managing a business a new quality. We see particular potential in cloud solutions – systems based on a so-called ‘service model’. They allow users secure, remote access to their company data. What is crucial here, is that cloud solutions are more accessible for entrepreneurs, since unlike many other systems they do not require an investment into the company’s existing IT infrastructure.

Solutions that enable business analysis provide a source of information that could allow for many vital decisions to be made and we believe that it is also an area that could give our Clients a competitive advantage.

Our team consists of almost 50 specialists whose knowledge and expertise enable us to satisfy our Clients’ requirements with the capabilities of modern IT solutions. What is unique about us, is that we treat each Client in a unique fashion. We identify their needs through applying comprehensive methodology and analysing the business processes in their companies. The information we gather lets us present particular IT solutions appropriate to their requirements.

We can count some of the leading IT Brands as our partners: Comarch and IBM among others. It is the cooperation with these companies that allows us to ensure the highest quality of the IT solutions we offer.

We base our philosophy upon the following principles: Effectiveness, Advice, Knowledge, Relations, Commitment and Stability. They reflect our strengths. Building effective relations is our key focus in all our business activity. This has allowed us to form lasting bonds with many regular Clients and earn their trust.

Effective relations are also vital within our company. We nurture our employees’ cooperative spirit and we believe that our team is the core strength of Insoft Consulting.

We are a socially responsible entity. We strive to act consciously and to affect our environment in a positive way. We continually work to increase the number of good business practices we engage in.